Saturday, March 10, 2007

City of Flagstaff Needs Volunteers

This Friday, Join a Downtown Parking Workshop!
The Downtown Parking Planning Team is holding a workshop at the Flagstaff Library (300 W. Aspen Avenue) on Friday, March 16th from 10 a.m. to Noon.
The workshop will include the City’s Parking Consultant, case study comparisons and of course public discussion. Please attend if you can. If you would like more information contact Kimberly Sharp at 928-779-7632 x7217 or

The City of Flagstaff Needs Volunteers for Boards & Commissions
The City Council uses every opportunity to establish community participation programs to allow for citizen involvement and input. Boards, commissions, and committees are created to allow Flagstaff citizens to take an active role in City government. The members of the City's boards and commissions, and most committee members, are appointed by the City Council to three-year terms, unless a different term length is set by law.
All City board and commission members must be residents of Flagstaff at the time of their appointment and for the full duration of their term in office (with the exception of the Youth Commission). Appointments are approved at public meetings and individuals are selected solely at the discretion of the City Council. If you are interested in serving on a City board or commission, please go to the City Clerk's Office page on the City website: to obtain an application form, or call 779-7607.
Please check out the list of boards and commissions and what they do. A more detailed list of responsibilities can be found on the City’s web pages. Many currently have vacancies! We need YOU!!!!!!

Airport Commission
The Commission is responsible for reviewing and reporting to Council on the development of the Airpark and on matters affecting the operation and efficiency of the airport.

Board of Adjustment
The Board holds hearings on requests for variances and zoning decision appeals.

Flagstaff Clean & Green Committee
The goal of the committee is to encourage people to change their behavior and attitude toward solid waste. The emphasis is on education in the areas of litter control, recycling, solid waste management, and beautification.
Disability Awareness Commission
The committee's goals are to expand educational opportunities; improve access; have greater participation and opportunity; and expand and strengthen rehabilitative programs and facilities.

Commission on Diversity Awareness
The mission of the commission includes, but is not limited to, fostering mutual understanding, tolerance, respect, and awareness among all citizens; recognizing the different economic, cultural, social, racial, religious, and ethnic groups.

Flagstaff Housing Authority
The board oversees the functions of the Housing Authority. The Housing Authority implements the City's public housing programs.

Flagstaff Public Art Advisory Committee
The primary purpose of the committee is to make recommendations to the City Council regarding public art and public art projects.

Historic Preservation Commission
The Historic Preservation Commission locates sites of historic interest in the City, advises the City Council on all matters relating to historic preservation, and reviews development projects in the downtown design review district.

Library Board
The Library Board serves as a citizen's advisory board to the Library Director.

Open Space Commission
The City is seeking candidates to appoint to this recently established commission to advise and make recommendations on all matters related to open spaces.

Parks and Recreation Commission
The commission makes recommendations to the Council regarding City parks and recreational programs, including the annual budget and capital improvements.

Personnel Board
This board conducts hearings to insure that permanent, classified employees' rights are protected and that proper procedure is followed by the City concerning dismissal, demotion, or suspension.

Planning and Zoning Commission
This commission serves as an advisory board to the Council on matters relating to the growth and physical development of the City.

Tourism Commission
The mission of the Tourism Commission is to develop, promote, and maintain Flagstaff as a year-round visitor destination with professional visitor services.

Traffic Commission
The Traffic Commission reviews requests for changes in traffic regulations and formulates and recommends traffic-related policies and ordinances to the Council.

Water Commission
The commission meets to review extensions of the water and sewer collection systems, treatment and use of water furnished by the City, treatment and disposal of the City’s sewage system effluent, and water/sewer rates.

Youth Commission
The commission's purpose is to provide input to the City Council on issues affecting youth, including employment and recreation.

Additional commissions include Audit Committee, Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals, Industrial Development Authority, Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Board, and the Self-Insurance Trust Fund Board.

For tourist information about Flagtaff go to Flagstaff.CC.

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